Deir Yassin Remembered
Book cover image of Do Nilo ao Eufrates/From the Nile to the EuphratesDo Nilo ao Eufrates/From the Nile to the Euphrates is a novel in Portuguese mentioning Deir Yassin. Author Daniel Davidsohn describes his book as a "tribute to the survivors and to the memory of the victims of Deir Yassin." He continues: "I wish all the blessings to the human beings whose only commitment is to genuine peace, justice and mutual respect, regardless of their cultural and religious background. In my view, what happened to Deir Yassin was the beginning of an evil pattern that is still in full throttle today, but hope is a strong energy!"

Here is Davidsohn's synopsis of the novel:
The novel tells the story of Nissim Heyman, a humanist who grew up believing his father was a genuine Israeli war hero who died during the Yom Kippur War. While working as a Mossad contributor, Nissim uncovers a plan by financial and mystical forces around the world, which he decides to oppose because he fears it will create a serious threat to the Middle East, but it doesn't work well for him. He gets in trouble and is left without the support of the Institute. Nissim then escapes to Brazil, and while in hiding, he meets an old Palestinian man who was just a kid when his village (Deir Yassin) was invaded. That's when Nissim begins to learn what his father really did as an Irgun member before becoming the hero he believed his father was. So, the son of a Zionist terrorist meets his father's victim decades later, and yet, despite the differences and traumas, they are able to give friendship a chance ...
Click here to read a chapter of the book in Portuguese (PDF).

Deir Yassin Remembered

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