Deir Yassin Remembered
Freedom in the Air

By Israel Shamir

09 March 2009

"Britons never shall be slaves", claims the song. Never say "never". They were so free that they could rhyme 'the queen' with 'her fascist regime' and 'she ain't no human being', in the Sex Pistols song. But that was then, and anyway the queen had enough of a sense of humour to invite the Pistols to the Palace. Now, a British gentleman Mr Rowan Laxton watched the Jews pour napalm and brimstone on hapless children of Gaza on live TV. Oh bloody Jews, said he, and I am sure so would you. He was immediately arrested and charged with "inciting religious hatred". Mr Laxton can be sentenced to seven years of jail.

Never mind that none of the Israeli top war criminals (Olmert, Barak, Livni) is religious. Multiple identities of Jews (class, race, religion, nation, state) are used to protect the lot from every side. I checked some blogs covering the story � right-wing bookworms are furious about Laxton. Incidentally, they do not mind to "incite religious hatred": they freely refer to "Muslim savages" and "Islam's demonstrable bloody-minded nihilism". On the leftist sites Laxton is described as "racist", and whoever defends his righteous anger is asked to move to a White Power site. These antiracists also disapprovingly mention Laxton's marriage to a Muslim lady. Even his highly commendable wish to see the killer army going up in smoke is re-described as "desire to murder every Israeli teenager".

Religious hatred laws are peculiar beasts. While Jews murder Christians and Muslims, or destroy churches and mosques, these laws remain dormant. But if you notice the murders, the laws wake up from their slumber. We reported that a church in Migdal ha-Emek was vandalised by Jews. A Russian newspaper carried this report. A Jewish representative in Russia appealed to the attorney general against the newspaper: such a report "incites religious hatred". The attorney general rejected the Jewish claim, but have no doubt: this attack will make every newspaper in Russia think twice before they mention any misdeed or crime committed by Jews. And in this field, Russia is less inhibited than most.

Laxton had lost his important position in the Foreign Office, too, as his Jewish boss, Foreign Secretary David Miliband, is not as broad-minded as the queen. If Laxton were to say of a Jew that "he ain't human being" he would be probably deported to Guantanamo. The very story of his arrest reminds us the horrors told of 1930s. A man sits in the fitness room, he sees mass murder being broadcast on TV live, he exclaims: bloody murderers; and his fellows call for the NKVD or the Gestapo. Not much of freedom is left for the once-proud Britons. They can't even vent their anger in the gym.

The Gaza pictures you could see on your telly were already sanitised; you were spared the real horrors. But what you did see was strong enough to break the taboo. The Jews are not satisfied with killing, they also want everyone to keep his mouth shut about it. But it is not going to work. These prohibitions against speaking one's mind are demonstrably unfair.

Sure, not every Jew bombed Gaza.

But not every German � hardly any German alive today � is connected to anything unseemly.

Still, it is perfectly permissible to nourish "healthy, virile hate" for Germans, in the words of Elie Wiesel.

Jews have no problem with writing (in the Jerusalem Post): "the Norwegians were the ones who rounded up Jews and robbed them before shipping them off to Auschwitz." Somehow, nobody screamed: Wot! All Norwegians!?

The SA Jewish Board of Deputies' David Saks did not mind writing: "the Palestinians are obsessed by - self willed prisoners of - the Islamist death cult". Mr Ehud Barak, the Israeli Labour leader and Defence Minister, called them "virus", and nobody objected.

But Palestinians are vilified by Jews on daily basis.

Americans routinely observe that the Swiss are a Nation Of Cowards, Tax Cheats, And Fugitive Financiers � and no hate law of Switzerland has gone into action.

They also proposed to burn every Frenchman alive, and the French did not give a damn.

If Mr Laxton were to shout "Fuck Yanks!" - nobody would mind, not even the Yanks.

It appears that the Gaza war broke down some important protection valve the Jews used. Was it when they poured white phosphorus on the schools? Or when they employed their usual sophistry in order to prove that it is all right to kill civilians in Gaza, but it is crime to kill a Jew? Or when we learned that they block even macaroni from entering Gaza, in their drive to put Palestinians on a diet?

You would not notice it from reading your Jewish-owned newspaper, or by watching your Jewish-edited TV programme, but the divergence between public and official points of view has never been greater. Masses of Europeans, Americans and Russians are justifiably angry. They are angry because the economic crisis is about to destroy their way of life. They are angry because they saw the mass murder of Gaza. Both reasons of anger lead to the same culprit. There are more Jewish billionaires than of any other creed, race or nation. They have gotten more money from financial operations than anybody, and now they get even more from the state. Their preaching against racism blew up in their faces in Gaza.

The elites are aware of this pent-up anger. Recently in Davos, the Turkish Prime Minister told off the Israeli war criminal of a president, and flew home to hero's welcome by thousands. Every prime minister, every president � including president Obama � will be received as a hero by multitudes if he tells the Jews where to get off.

The Jews do not know when to stop. It is true, they got to the top this way. The wildest dreams of the Elders of Zion have been realised. But while admittedly it is difficult to get to the top, it is nigh impossible to stay there forever. Now the Jews are already past the position the Catholic Church had got to when Voltaire called for squashing the slime ("�crasez l'Inf�me!"). There is freedom in the air.

In London, Caryl Churchill's wonderful play Seven Jewish Children trod the forbidden path: she calls the Gaza oppressors 'Jews' instead of "Israelis", politically incorrect though factually right, as non-Jewish Israelis did not participate in the onslaught.

The State Secretary Hilary Clinton dared to get offended by an insult given by a Jew. The new illegal mayor of Jerusalem, a boorish brutish nationalist atheist Jew, planned to level a Palestinian neighbourhood and to build a Jewish one on the top. Clinton mildly objected. He pooh-poohed her objections as "so much hot air'. Normally, an American official, even a state secretary would just give a small silly smile and say that she was misunderstood, as Condoleezza Rice did. Now, Hilary expressed full volume of her displeasure, and the little worm crawled back into his office. Meanwhile, Mme Clinton, who was rather disliked in the region, became the darling of the Middle East just by saying 'pasta'.

Elections can be won, fame can be achieved, problems can be solved this way. Even the economic crisis can be taken by the people in their stride. Britain needs a man like Mr Laxton, a man who gets furious watching bloody murder, and who dares to speak up his mind.

Deir Yassin Remembered

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