Deir Yassin Remembered

Storm of Remembrance

Upon what once
was Deir Yassin
the wind blows strong.

Pine needles clustered in crannies,
ashen rocks sunk in quarry,
moan with rising storm.

Bloodied brick and stone;
evidence beneath asylum

Insanity housed
upon atrocity
generations ago
so nothing should show,
so no one would know
when those who witnessed
are gone.

Wind blows strong.

Pine needles bristle.
Quarry rocks rumble.

Echoes of massacre
rise in tune
to the howling agony
of twisted minds,
fusing suppressed memory
with pain,
unleashing a thunderous symphony
shattering the bowels
of tombs.

Quarry unclenches
fists of stone:
Ashes stowed
in its hold
are freed

Out, out of the quarry!
Wind blows strong.

Sun is screened
behind ashen haze,
a cremated flurry
of youths
in death
their seed.

Time stands still.
The winds subside.

Pine needles nestle in crannies.
Barren rocks rest in quarry,
silent after the storm.

Bloodied brick and stone,
tranquil now upon hilltop
where Deir Yassin is recognized,
where Deir Yassin is mourned.

Seeds of truth,
dispersed worldwide,
take root.

Humanity recovers,
commemorates its wrongs,
and in every living conscience
-in every living conscience-
Deir Yassin is reborn.

Randa Hamwi Duwaji

Deir Yassin Remembered

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