Deir Yassin Remembered

Deir Yassin Remembered 2001:

Commemorative Letter from Paul Eisen,
Deir Yassin Remembered Director,
to Prime Minister Tony Blair

The Rt. Hon Tony Blair M.P.
10 Downing Street
London SW1

19th April 2001

Dear Prime Minister,

I wrote to you in February inviting you to attend our commemoration of Deir Yassin Day at the Peacock Theatre on Sunday April 1st. You were unable to attend but very kindly sent us your good wishes for the event. I am very pleased now to report back to you on the success of the evening and to thank you for your good wishes.

We know that Palestinians were heartened at seeing this important part of their history commemorated. We also understand that there was weeping in the audience as Palestinians saw, for the first time ever, their story so portrayed. And Jews were moved too. Firstly as they, for the first time ever, encountered Palestinian history and experience, secondly as they witnessed the Palestinian response to what was being enacted on stage, and finally, as they saw and heard images from a history so reminiscent of their own. I enclose a copy of the theatre programme and a personal report of the evening.

Finally I'd like to keep you abreast of ideas and proposals for the future. We will of course continue to commemorate Deir Yassin Day annually and will be looking for new and creative ways to do this. Also, there is a proposal to work towards the establishment of a permanent memorial to Deir Yassin here in London. This would be a long-term project involving a lot of organization, a massive mobilization of support and a substantial change in consciousness on the part of the parties involved and the general public.

If I may, I'll certainly keep you informed of our progress.

Yours sincerely

Paul Eisen
Deir Yassin Remembered

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